Wayside Exhibits by GraphicWorks

Wayside panel


GraphicWorks has been creating rich, colorful, and long lasting wayside exhibits in Alaska for 20 yrs. You can see some of our work in and around Alaska’s great parklands.

Outdoor Wayside Exhibit Panels

Outdoor wayside exhibits are generally produced as high-pressure laminates that are extremely cost effective. These durable signs, proven graffiti and scratch resistant, and are guaranteed against color fading.

Outdoor interpretive exhibits and waysides panels are produced ¼ -1½ inch thick and up to 5 X 10 foot in size. Additionally they can be contoured to custom shapes and displayed with a variety of framed and frameless bases.

Indoor Exhibit Panels

Choices for indoor exhibit panels are nearly limitless; large format, or three-dimensional panels as well as floating or contoured panels, can be developed to best convey your message. Please inquire in regards to your specific needs.

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