ACS CarHey! Nice ride.

Your new vehicle graphics will garner millions of impressions per year. Protect your investment! We have manufactured your vehicle graphics using quality, durable 3M™ products. Please follow the guidelines suggested in the 3M™ Vehicle care guide.

Here are additional suggestions and tips we have found will extend the life of your ‘mobile billboard’.

• DO NOT wash vehicle for a minimum of 72 hours after application.
• DO NOT use a pressure washer or go through a mechanized car wash.
• Hand wash with a non-abrasive cleaning solution such as dishwashing detergent. See 3M™ recommendation in bulletin


Perforated window film and/or graphics applied to vehicle windows DO NOT carry a warranty.

Follow these guidelines to maximize the lifespan of your window graphics.

• If your graphics package includes coverage on moveable windows, DO NOT roll these windows down. This will damage and/or peel the graphics off.
• Your rear defroster may be used; but will cause damage over time. We suggest minimal use.
• DO NOT use an ice scraper or aggressively brush your window graphics.
• DO NOT use a rear wiper that rests on the body of the vehicle.
• A wiper that rests and moves entirely on the window graphic may be used; but will cause damage over time. We suggest minimal use.

Improper care, or neglect may void any warranty and you will be liable for damages. If you have any concerns about your vehicle graphics or notice any lifting, bring your vehicle by as soon as possible to avoid further damage.