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File Formats – Master Files

Please submit files in their native format. For example, a file created in Adobe Illustrator should be saved as an “Illustrator Document (.AI)”.

File Formats – Photos and Logos

For photos, we recommend using TIFF, EPS or PSD (native Photoshop format) formats. Avoid using JPEG files. Logos and icons should be submitted in vector format.

Hard Copies

Hard copies must be submitted for each file to be printed. Costs for additional proofs, re-prints, and prepress time may become the burden of the client if hard copies are not submitted.

Document Size

Specify final sizes. All files must be set up at full size or at an even ratio of full size, such as half- or quarter-size.

Image Resolution

All bitmaps must be 100-150 ppi at final output size.


Graphics must include one-eighth inch of bleed for products mounted on the following substrates: Dibond, aluminum, plywood, sintra and acrylics.

Color Mode

Files may be submitted in CMYK or RGB. You may also include PMS colors in your graphics (Coated palettes only). Although PMS colors will be run as 4-color process, keep them as spot colors in your documents to ensure a more accurate match.

Critical Colors

All Pantone and critical call out values must be specified in writing to your account manager at the time of submission. Please note that approximate matching of any one color requires additional time and resources, and an additional charge may apply. GraphicWorks Inc. cannot guarantee that the colors on your final print will match the colors produced by your monitor – monitors produce a greater range of color, brightness and saturation than any printer. We have invested a great deal of time and energy into our color management system to ensure that every print closely matches your expectations. Yet even the best color management system can’t account for all the possible color settings available. When a color problem occurs, our staff will contact you immediately to explore all possible solutions.

Links & Fonts

Links and fonts must be included with each graphic and placed in separate folders. Include both the screen and printer fonts. Do not embed bitmap images. We cannot guarantee the correct reproduction of files containing Truetype® fonts, if the file was created on a PC. Avoid using Truetype® when possible.


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